As an artist, living in a ayutthaya province where jobs are scarce, I decided to open Thousandhands for supplementary income to my art practice and, above all else, to create an outlet to my excessive habit of collecting vintage. Before Thousandhands, there have been many moments where I would be out hunting for vintage and found a piece that was so darling, but was either not my style or size, and thought to myself, "if only I knew someone who would appreciate this!" Well now thanks to zibbet, you have become that someone! Now I can go on collecting and sharing for all of you crazed vintage lovers around the world. What I great exchange.

I would invite you to twitter, Instagram, and Facebook with me, but I do not participate in such social media. Not for any other reason than simplicity. I've never owned or operated an iphone, ipod or anything like it.

Asian gypsy and hill tribe vintage clothing

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